Rotex Coupling

ROTEX shaft couplings are the original curved jaw coupling. Superior vibration dampening and torque transmission characteristics result in an excellent running quality and service life. ROTEX couplings are maintenance-free and can compensate for misalignment without exerting additional stresses to component shafts or the insert. ROTEX has become the standard choice among equipment manufacturers worldwide. Features• Machined concave jaw pockets •Steel, aluminium or cast iron hubs •Urethane spider inserts •Horse Power range from 1 to 4500hp •Bore sizes up to 7.75 inches ROTEX-GS is an economical, high-performance, zero-backlash shaft coupling that can be tuned to your system requirements with a simple change of spider. Precision machined from aluminium and steel, the couplings offer the benefits of the curved jaw design while providing backlash free torque transmission. A variety of fastening designs make the ROTEX-GS the ideal coupling for today’s high performance applications. Features• Zero backlash •3 pc design for blind assembly •Horse Power range from 1 to 160hp •Bore sizes up to 3.15 inches SIZES GR 7, GR 9, GR 14, GR 19, GR 24, GR 28, GR 38, GR 42, GR 48, GR 55, GR 60, GR 75, GR 90, GR 100, GR 110, GR 125, GR 140, GR 180, GR 200, GR 220, GR 250.

Jaw Coupling

We are offering Jaw Couplings to our customers. Features: •Flexible inserts cater for incidental angular, parallel, axial misalignments. • Absorbs shock loads and dampens small amplitude vibration. • Quick and easy installation. • Range of Standard (8 sizes) External Spider (6 sizes) and Cushion Type (6 sizes) with power rating from 0.21 Kw at 22.40 Kw at 100 rpm LOVE JOY COUPLING L SERIES L35, L50, L75, L90, L95, L99, L100, L110, L150, L190, L225, L226, L275, L295, L2955, L300. RRL SPACER SERIES - RRL LOVEJOY COUPLING RRL 95 X 100, RRL 95 X 135, RRL 95 X 140, RRL 95 X 180. RRL 100 X 100, RRL 100 X 135, RRL 100 X 140, RRL 100 X 180. RRL 110 X 100, RRL 110 X 135, RRL 110 X 140, RRL 110 X 180. RRL 150 X 100, RRL 150 X 135, RRL 150 X 140, RRL 150 X 180. RRL 190 X 100, RRL 190 X 135, RRL 190 X 140, RRL 190 X 180. RRL 225 X 100, RRL 225 X 135, RRL 225 X 140, RRL 225 X 180. RRL 226 X 100, RRL 226 X 135, RRL 226 X 140, RRL 226 X 180. SW SERIES- SW LOVEJOY COUPLING. This couplings are SNAP WRAP COUPLINGS. SW100, SW110, SW150, SW190, SW225, SW226, SW275, SW295, SW2955, SW300 RRS COUPLINGS- RRS LOVEJOY COUPLING RRS 95 X 100, RRS 95 X 135, RRS 95 X 140, RRS 95 X 180. RRS 100 X 100, RRS 100 X 135, RRS 100 X 140, RRS 100 X 180. RRS 110 X 100, RRS 110 X 135, RRS 110 X 140, RRS 110 X 180. RRS 150 X 100, RRS 150 X 135, RRS 150 X 140, RRS 150 X 180. RRS 190 X 100, RRS 190 X 135, RRS 190 X 140, RRS 190 X 180. RRS 225 X 100, RRS 225 X 135, RRS 225 X 140, RRS 225 X 180. RRS 226 X 100, RRS 226 X 135, RRS 226 X 140, RRS 226 X 180

Tyre Coupling

We are offering Tyre Coupling to our customers. Features: •The couplings are highly elastic, backlash free, absorb shocks and dampen vibrations. • Inherent Overload Protection and high misalignment capacity. • Choice of tyres - standard, Neoprene or Fire Resistant Anti-static (FRAS) • Range of 17 sizes, with power rating from 0.22 Kw to 132 Kw at 100 rpm • Spacer tyre couplings for DBSE of 80 mm, 100 mm, 140 mm & 180 mm • Available as through bore or with taper lock bushes • Range of FTC Series Tyres and Steel cord tyres are also available

Nylon Gear Coupling

A gear coupling is a mechanical device for transmitting torque between two shafts that are not co-linear. It consists of a flexible joint fixed to each shaft. The two joints are connected by a third shaft, called the spindle. Our nylon gear couplings are curved tooth couplings consisting of two steel crowned teeth hubs which are connected with nylon (Polyamide) toothed sleeve internally. These materials are resistant to all the usual commercial lubricants and hydraulic fluids. These nylon gear couplings are available in various technical specifications and we also customize these couplings as per our clients' requirements and specifications. Having gone through stringent quality checks, our nylon gear couplings the best in quality. We offer these couplings at very economical prices. Various features of our nylon gear couplings are as follows: • Compact and light-weight • Low Maintenance • Lubrication free • Minimum backlash • High torque • Low inertia • Resistant to dirt, moisture and most chemicals • Very economical

Coupling Spider

We also offer love joy couplings customized as per our clients' requirements and specifications

Bush Type Flexible Couplings / Pin Bush Coupling

Specially designed using superior quality raw material, we offer a wide assortment of flexible pin bush couplings. Designed in compliance with the international standards, our range of pin bush couplings is highly acclaimed for abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and precise dimensions. Specifications of our pin bush coupling are enlisted below: •Requires no lubrication •Unaffected by water, dust & atmospheric condition •OD -3" to 24" •High torque transmission up to 23780 Nm in 20 sizes •Permits drive in either direction

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